Anastasia Accessories Accessories to Enhance Life's Special Moments

How We Got Started

Alina comes from a creative family of fashion designers in Europe.  After moving to America and getting her Fashion Merchandising and Consumer Studies degree, Alina worked for a number of Fashion companies in Merchandising and Visual Design, and later in Advertising and Marketing.  She has always been passionate about creating things that are unique, beautiful and make people feel special and wonderful. 


Anastasia Accessories™ story began in 2013 with a birth of her daughter, Anastasia.  Alina was looking for hair accessories for her daughter's first photos.  Unable to find anything that she really liked, Alina decided to create her own. Anastasia has always received a lot of compliments on her accessories, so after talking with other moms, Alina realized that they were looking for the same thing: attractive accessories that do not have sharp edges and can stay on no matter how much hair your girl has, while still looking girly and stylish.


Alina searched everywhere for the finest materials to create a look that is fabulous, and a style that is fashionable, unique and comfortable.  The goal of Anastasia Accessories™ is to enhance everyone's beauty and help create special and timeless moments that can be captured in photos and memories.  Anastasia Accessories™ are perfect additions to a photo shoot or just for extra style everyday!